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I love you a lot!

You walk in beauty, like a cloudless night;
Clam & stary skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright.
Shining low, like the stars in the cold night.

In this lonely sunshine, you hugged me with a gentle breeze,
Only taught of your not being with me, makes me numb and freeze.

I traveled miles in search of a glorious smile,
I was sure, I won’t get that smile;
Which will bring light to my cold life!
Until I saw you smiling,
With no sorrows in life.
Though, you watching my side,
We shall step above the sky.
The world should see us standing still;
With all our might.
Together we stand & together we fall.
The world should know:

“I love you a lot!”

No words can describe how much I love you!
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Darling it’s hard to explain,

how much I love you……..

I never imagined

I will be falling in love with you;

Pushing my limits to bare

The brutality brought to you…..!

Darling it’s hard to explain;

How much I love you!

My lips shall turn to stones

If they lied you, & my body

Shall turn to dust

If they didn’t stood till the very end with you.

Though if you allow me…..

To be your darling,

It would be easy to explain how much

I love you………!

it’s hard to explain, how much I love you!